Kim Carstens

Virtual Reality (VR) Master

Animation, visualization and VR in business.
Our services include professional 2D/3D animations, visualizations, Illustrations, Fluid Simulations, Mode-of-Action (MoA), Interactive Visual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR), Interactive apps and more. Our clients including major Danish and international organisations such as Alfa Laval, Biomodics, Danfoss and Novo Nordisk.We specialize in creating Interactive Virtual Reality for e-learning in a real-time environment, via VR headset or Desktop.

“3D animationer, Visualiseringer & Væskesimuleringer”

We also specialize in creating Mode-of-Action (MoA) solutions. With a 3D medical animation or Virtual Reality (VR) we can fly around a virtual human body. We can travel with red blood cells along arteries to explore cardiovascular concerns, or down the airways and into the lungs to illustrate respiratory ​issues also at molecule level.